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Tadhg Pearson

husband & Father

We used to struggle to make decisions as a couple. We would spend weeks arguing over solutions, only to compromise on a decision that didn't satisfy either of us. Michael helped us focus on what's really important for us, and gave us the tools make decisions we're both happy with.

Bobby Rabalais

Husband & father

When I started working with Michael my marriage was in really rough shape. He gave me some great insights and tools that I used with my wife and it worked like magic! I went from being afraid we would get divorced to excited about living our lives together again. Michael helped me turn my marriage around. I highly recommend Michael and his program. It helped me save my marriage.

Evan Queler

Husband & Father

Michael Sheely is inspirational & clear on fundamental truths of love & helped guide me to deepen the practice of connecting & opening my heart with the people I love - in particular my wife, children, family, myself & world.

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Hi I'm Michael, 


I am a husband and father dedicated to sharing simple and powerful tools that create spectacular marriages. I have coached and trained thousands of individuals and couples in the practical skills of overcoming conflict and creating ease and harmony in their relationships. I would love to help you create more ease and closeness so you can enjoy being "in love" with the one you love. 

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