(For individuals and couples)

Want to see if your marriage has the potential to make rapid progress?

This is a chance for you to ask the questions you need and see what's possible. 

Issues are getting in the way of intimacy... 

You know that more warmth, more closeness and more love are possible. 

You want to stop sacrificing yourself to make your marriage work.

You wish things were better, but… it's not easy when there's baggage getting in the way. 

You tried so many things but you keep ending up in the same place.

You’re wondering if you really can get the intimacy you want.

You desperately want to feel love... and you know there's got to be a way to find it again with your partner. 

You're following the pros...

You’re reading books.

You’re doing online programs.

Maybe you've even seen a marriage counselor. 

And it's still

not working!

None of these have resolved your marriage problems...

Or, made your relationship easier, closer or more loving! 

So you regroup and try again...

You're trying all the tips and tricks.
You doing things that don't even feel like they are really you.


Which brings us right here, right now.

You're staring at this screen...

Wondering how the hell do some couples stay so loving and close when there is so much sh*t to deal with and so many issues that can derail a good mood in a nano second?

Wondering, what it’s going to take to have the marriage you want?

Is it even possible? Feasible? Reasonable?...

...Can you really expect that things can get better?

Other couples make it look so easy.

  • Laughing together. 
  • Posting happy couple pics on social media.
  • Making decisions about important issues without all the drama. 

Tadhg Pearson

husband & Father

We used to struggle to make decisions as a couple. We would spend weeks arguing over solutions, only to compromise on a decision that didn't satisfy either of us. Michael helped us focus on what's really important for us, and gave us the tools make decisions we're both happy with.

Bobby Rabalais

Husband & father

When I started working with Michael my marriage was in really rough shape. He gave me some great insights and tools that I used with my wife and it worked like magic! I went from being afraid we would get divorced to excited about living our lives together again. Michael helped me turn my marriage around. I highly recommend Michael and his program. It helped me save my marriage.

Evan Queler

Husband & Father

Michael Sheely is inspirational & clear on fundamental truths of love & helped guide me to deepen the practice of connecting & opening my heart with the people I love - in particular my wife, children, family, myself & world.


To your marriage struggles!

My system will help you find your


(For individuals and couples) 


The need to compromise on what matters to you.

The same issues coming up over and over again.

And the phony sounding marriage counseling scripts that feel so insincere.

The man behind the system

(And why he knows his shit) 

Michael Sheely 

Relationship Coach

I’m a passionate husband & father in love with living.

I help people open their hearts and communicate about challenging issues with grace and skill. 

I'm a freedom junkie who understands that structure and commitment improve intimacy and connection.

I'm on the 50 year plan with my wife and learning everyday. 

I’m also someone who knows how to help you become happily married in record time using a powerful system based in love and backed by science.

I get to help make people's marriages spectacular because I know how to turn conflict into connection quicker than most people know how to uncork a wine bottle. And I use a proven system that is easy to learn and apply.

What you get with the

marriage mastery breakthrough program...

9 Private Sessions With Me!


Training Modules

Module 1


Love is more than a feeling. Love is a way of being.  If you want a loving marriage the quickest and most effective way is to have a practice that helps open a closed heart. Ground yourself in the intention to be loving. And cultivate the most important skills for sharing love. 

Module 2


Learn what’s precious so you can get to the heart of the matter. Become the master of your actions and experience. True happiness is a result of how you think and act towards the things you care about. Commit to living in a way that that honors what is precious to you.

Module 3

Protect what's important

Building a safe and loving container is essential for creating deep and lasting intimacy. Learn where you are not honoring your "no."and assert it with kindness. Identify boundaries so you can honor them. Keep your heart open by taking care of yourself while respecting your partner. 

Module 4


Share you feelings in a way that magically opens your partner’s heart. Learn to communicate your experience in a way that isn't blaming or judging your partner. Gain a superpower for understanding, connection and cooperation.

Module 5

Listen with Love

Compassionate listening helps you feel your partner’s heart even when the delivery is harsh. Listen beyond the words to discover the underlying message your partner is sharing. Learn how to translate your partner’s words into tender truths and get back to love.

Module 6


Resentment is a marriage killer. Forgiveness is the antidote for resentment. When there is conflict there are always two people involved. Learn how to forgive, and ask for forgiveness, in a way that clears resentment and restores love.  

Module 7


With resentment out of the way you can ask for what you want in a way that makes your partner happy to give it to you. Learn what to do when you hear “no” so it doesn't become the end of the conversation. 

Module 8


Compromise means neither person gets what they want. Make your marriage so much more enjoyable by discover how you can both get what you want without giving up anything important. 

Module 9

Make it Magical

Now let's take your marriage from good to great. Boost love through sex, science and spirit. Discover the secrets to marriage mastery that will make you the envy of other couples.  Finally get the love and appreciation you deserve.  

All backed by my three

from-my-heart commitments...

  • Your success matters to me. 
  • I am going to do everything I can to help you succeed.
  • If you think this program is missing something, ask for it and I'll add it. 

Before we start working together, let's have a conversation together to make sure we are a good fit.

Hi I'm Michael, 


I am a husband and father dedicated to sharing simple and powerful tools that create spectacular marriages. I have coached and trained thousands of individuals and couples in the practical skills of overcoming conflict and creating ease and harmony in their relationships. I would love to help you create more ease and closeness so you can enjoy being "in love" with the one you love.